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Welcome to Lansdowne Chiropractic

Meet the Doctor

Hi, I am James Nero, D.C. and I have been a licensed chiropractor since 1989. My first and only practice location is the one I currently operate here in Coquitlam, so I have been a part of this community for 30 years and counting. I live close to the office because I don’t like commuting. I have 3 adolescent male children because I love grey hair! And I have a wonderful wife I love dearly who puts up with me and keeps me on track. There is also the sixth, seventh and eighth members of our family, our 6-year-old Cairn Terrier Terra, our 7-year-old ferret Tessa and our new Golden Doodle puppy Blaine.

Winnipeg is my birth city and my place of residence for 21 years of my early life. Naturally I played hockey for all that time and more. But I wasn’t a one sport addict. I also participated in football, soccer, baseball, basketball, biking, running, lots of frisbee, cross country skiing, curling, and a peculiar Winnipeg sport called snow shovelling! I noticed early on that some girls did not like jocks but preferred the artsy males so I doubled my chances of getting dates by participating in music, drama but as little dancing as I could manage. Luckily, music has always called to my soul and I enjoyed being an artsy young man.

High school graduation sparked the adventure bug in me, and I hit the road to find my experiential fortune. I worked and partied, travelled, worked and partied, met amazing people, worked and partied, saw life from many angles, and, you guessed it, worked and partied. Maybe, just maybe, I slept a little bit along the way. Surprisingly to me upon later reflection, during that time, I maintained a consistent focus on my health via solid nutrition, consistent exercise and more sleep then I just joked about. Therefore, it was an easy decision to enter a healthcare profession when I finally decided to ‘get a career’.

Post secondary educational pursuit took me back to Winnipeg and the loving arms of my parents. I must admit that I knew nothing about chiropractic as a profession or a healing art when I was deciding which branch of healthcare to work toward. When I was introduced to the idea of chiropractic it was an immediate connection to my own core beliefs of health and wellness. I then set out on the long journey of a starving student and the first phase of that journey was at the University of Winnipeg.

In 1989 I graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, one of the leading chiropractic educational institutions in the world. I enjoyed my years in Toronto and miss the people I met while there as a student. It was a tough decision to leave and not set up a practice there. It was also a tough decision not to return to my hometown and establish a practice. But the lure of Vancouver was strong, so I made the worst financial decision of my life and moved to what became the most expensive place to live in Canada and virtually the entire world!

Learn why is it worth it

My Approach

I emphasize a “whole person approach” when working with my patients. I am a confessed lifelong learning addict and that helps greatly in providing up to date information and services that clients crave in today’s impersonal ‘only one problem per visit’ medical appointment world.

The very best hands-on-technique requires constant updating, so I strive to refine, refine, refine all the time. New but subtle technique changes can result in lovely effective outcomes. State of the art adjunct procedures in the areas of muscles, muscle fascia, tendons, ligaments, gait, stretching, resistance training, cardio training, recovery, geriatrics, wellness attitude/perspective and nutrition are vitally important to discuss, use and teach. I research, test and recommend lots of health and wellness products in all the areas listed and that way I can help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to wellness and joy of living.

My Practice

Family wellness chiropractic care

My practice consists of family wellness chiropractic care. Family means I like to work with people of all ages (my youngest patient was my first son at 10 minutes old and my oldest patient was a lovely lady of 96). Wellness means, at least in this circumstance, that I like to work with people in all phases of health expression – acute, chronic, and especially those people who choose to pursue maximum, furthest from sickness, health optimization. If that last phrase excites you or, perhaps, confuses you then that is an indication for you to call Bev or Jackie at my office and book your first appointment.

I have a passion for music of all kinds (admittedly limited on most, but not all, rap music). In particular I am a huge fan of Blues music. If you share this same music passion, then I encourage you to discuss it with me. Some would call me an audiophile, but I prefer the altered word audiophool! If you are a collector of audio equipment, as I am, then you will probably know exactly what I mean. Regardless, share with me your latest discoveries, new groups, emerging artists or favorite oldies, favorite gear in your audio chain and aspirations for the next piece to add to the collection.

The motto and guiding principle of my practice is displayed on the banner of the website:

My Education

    • University of Winnipeg
    • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
    • Post graduate education hours too numerous to count!

My Licensure

    • British Columbia College of Chiropractors license number 20516

My Memberships & Associations

    • British Columbia Chiropractic Association
    • British Columbia College of Chiropractors
    • Canadian Chiropractic Association