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Welcome to the digital home of Lansdowne Chiropractic – the office for myself, Dr. James Nero, where all of the fun and success of healing begins.

I am passionate about helping you achieve a higher level of wellness. Together let’s move you many steps closer to the healthy life you aspire to establish. If you already know you want to book an appointment then click here. If you are still deciding what to do then keep reading…

You might be interested in my long term health motto. For over thirty years it has been – ‘Health is hard work, not a birthright. Let’s work on it together.’. The first part of the motto demonstrates that, for all but a very very small minority, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is work and challenging work at that. The second part of the motto reveals that everyone, at some point, needs guidance, support and choice of paths to follow. Whether you are in acute pain, chronic pain or want to pursue maximum wellness this motto applies to you.

To accomplish the goal of the motto I believe by teaching and practicing chiropractic wellness care and by dong so a person will change their pain status and increase their optimal health possibility . The majority of people do not fully understand what chiropractic wellness care means and that is sad considering how it fits perfectly in step with everyone’s ideal health dreams. In a nutshell, the goal to give you the greatest opportunity to enjoy an active lifestyle with optimal health.

I strive daily to provide patients seeking treatment at Lansdowne Chiropractic with the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic techniques, equipment and technology. In an effort to give your body every chance to heal itself naturally, we also employ effective nutrition and corrective fitness protocols to maximize your progress in addition to massage therapy and a host of other non-invasive wellness methods. However, the most important space is between your ears and that idea is worth of an entire website on its own. Be assured, my wonderful staff and I have a genuine concern for your well-being!

If you are new to our website, please feel free to discover and learn about chiropractic wellness within the non-membership pages. If you are interested in starting your journey towards wellness please subscribe to our newsletter. Anyone and everyone is invited to read our newsletter. You only have to ask.

For a deep dive into a variety of health and wellness topics, wellness articles, resources, health facts and Dr. Nero’s learned view on all of the foregoing you will need access to the Family and Friends section of this website. It is a membership only access but there is no charge. It is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn and grow. If this intrigues you then go here for a more detailed explanation.

Everyone interested in how chiropractic wellness care can address your acute pain or for optimizing maximum health goals needs to ask questions. You won’t grow or improve if you don’t learn.

Remember my motto and guiding principle is, ‘Health is hard work, not a birthright. Let’s work on it together.’ The next step is to come into the office and discuss your needs. Go here to set up an appointment. See you soon.